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A Florida jury has recommended a 21-year-old killer be sentenced to death for the ‘cold and calculated’ murder of a teenager after a dispute over his ex-girlfriend.

Michael Bargo and four others were found guilty of killing 15-year-old Seath Jackson by luring him to a home where they beat him,…

I’ve been following this case FOREVER. From beginning to end….


I heard from Tucker this morning and received some letters yesterday so I’m posting Tucker’s address again because if you are looking to write an inmate but are a little hesitant to do so, he’s really really sweet and incredibly kind. He told me that he replies to EVERYONE who writes to him so here you go:

Tucker Cipriano


Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility

1727 West Bluewater Highway

Ionia, MI


From my city…. smh
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